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If you’re looking for flexible, all-inclusive postgraduate student accommodation, Sanctuary Students can help!

Property Locations

Sanctuary Students has student accommodation across the country, close to leading colleges and universities.

Our postgraduate student accommodation is equally convenient with locations in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Bradford, Glasgow and Dundee.

Many of our standard student accommodation can cater for postgraduates but we have dedicated buildings too.

Properties are typically close to universities, towns or city centres, and will usually be well served by bus and rail links. We carefully select our locations to deliver the flexibility and convenience you need.

You will also be close to class, local shopping, dining, entertainment, parks and open spaces and other local amenities too. A lot of thought goes into where to locate our postgraduate student accommodation!


Features & benefits

There are many reasons to choose Sanctuary Students’ postgraduate student accommodation.

Staying with Sanctuary Students provides much more than just a room.
Buildings are all purpose-built and maintained to a very high standard. Many rooms are spacious and fully en-suite, so there’s no sharing or queueing for the bathroom.

Many buildings have social areas to meet and hang out with fellow postgrads or undergrads. These are great places to spend some time, get to know your neighbours and generally hang out.

All postgraduate student accommodation is fully inclusive. That means that the rent you see is the rent you pay. All bills are included.

Those bills include internet and Wi-Fi, heating, electricity, water, security, CCTV, cleaning of social areas, building maintenance and contents insurance. There’s nothing else you need to pay.

Features & Benefits

Why Sanctuary students?

Sanctuary Students are dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective postgraduate student accommodation.

Accommodation that’s fit for purpose, well maintained, heated, fully equipped, safe and secure

We’ve been students ourselves and know only too well the challenge of finding adequate accommodation while you’re studying. That memory is behind everything we do here.

We remember cold damp rooms, no heating in winter, hot water that only worked occasionally and greedy landlords that never wanted to spend money on building maintenance.

Part of what drives Sanctuary Students is the desire to ensure you never have to contend with any of that!

Staying with Sanctuary Students is about more than just a room, though. We want your time as a student to be as enjoyable as possible, which is why we also offer Student Beans discounts and a free, student advice line run by Health Assured.

Postgraduate student accommodation FAQs
What’s included in the rent?

Everything is included in the rent. All utilities, internet, heating, Wi-Fi, building security, cleaning for social spaces and contents insurance. Everything is included and there are no hidden fees!

How do I pay rent for my postgraduate student accommodation?

You pay your rent through your Sanctuary Students account. Payment methods include recurring card payments, bank transfer, Visa or Mastercard, Klarna, Trustly, Poli and Union Pay.

Students from overseas can use the Convera payment portal. It supports multiple payment methods and enables you to pay rent in your local currency and even enables your family to pay your rent for you!

Can I pay rent in instalments?

Yes, you can pay your rent in instalments. In fact, we have an instalment plan already established for our student accommodation. You can see it on our money matters page.

You’ll see a selection of instalment dates you can make payments on depending on where you’re staying. Payments will need to be made via Recurring Card Payment (RCP).

How is postgraduate student accommodation different from undergrad?

The cost and quality of postgraduate student accommodation is no different from undergrad. What we typically do is place all postgrads close to each other for mutual support and close to any study areas, so you’re not stuck in your room all the time.

You’ll be surrounded by other postgrads, so it may be quieter for those long nights of studying but will still offer easy access to social areas and local amenities for when you want to unwind!

Can I view postgraduate student accommodation before I commit?

Yes, you can view your postgraduate student accommodation before you commit. There’s the option to arrange a viewing within the booking screen of the particular building you’re considering.

Select to arrange a viewing, give us three dates that work for you and we’ll confirm. You can then visit and we’ll show you the exact room you’ll have wherever possible or another room of the same quality if yours isn’t ready yet.

What will I need to bring with me to my postgraduate student accommodation?

You won’t need to bring much to your postgraduate student accommodation, as they’re all fully furnished and equipped. You’ll just need your clothes, study equipment, towels and anything you want that will make life more enjoyable.

No need to bring houseware, an ironing board or ironing, furniture or anything like that, as it’s all here waiting for you!

Need more info?

Our goal is to equip you with all the necessary information & resources to make this process as smooth as possible. So, don't hesitate – explore our website today and find your dream student accommodation!

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