Living in Manchester is an experience like no other, and here at Sanctuary Students, we have a brilliant range of student accommodation to help you get the most out of your time at university!

Often voted as being among the best student cities, this popular destination is home to four major universities: the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Salford and the University of Bolton.

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Why Manchester?

We’re sure you’re eager to make the most of your student life, so when thinking about applying for university, Manchester should definitely be on your radar.

And students are the beating heart of Manchester, with a community of 99,000 students. It’s a popular option for students across the globe, with approximately 19,000 international students from 150 different countries. Manchester is one of the most linguistically diverse cities in western Europe, with over 200 languages spoken, and it even has the third largest Chinatown in Europe, meaning it’s a welcoming city for all.

Manchester was also named the third most affordable university city in the UK by Totally Money last year – on average, it’s 32% cheaper to live in than London. But this doesn’t mean there’s less to do – far from it! Famous for its buzzing nightlife and music scene, not to mention its culture and industrial heritage encapsulated in the iconic ‘MCR bee’, Manchester was named one of the top 15 best cities in the world by Time Out in 2019.

And, to get more from your time in Manchester, why not join our student community here at Sanctuary Students?

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How many universities does Manchester have?

Manchester’s reputation as one of the best student cities in the UK might be something to do with the fact it has four world-class universities in its midst! Here you can find the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Salford and the University of Bolton. With various subjects and specialisms in each uni, it’s no wonder that Manchester has such an exciting and vibrant student population!

How many students are there in Manchester?

Manchester’s proud northern spirit attracts students from across the globe. The city is home to approximately 99,000 students – with approximately 40,000 students attending The University of Manchester, 35,000 students at Manchester Metropolitan University, and 19,000 international students overall. With so much a large student population, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to uni accommodation – if you’re looking for an affordable, centrally located hall with all-inclusive bills, why not come and live with us?

Is Manchester safe for students?

As one of the larger cities in the UK, Manchester does experience crime, but the levels are no higher than other major cities across the country. Small measures, such as avoiding walking home alone at night or choosing adequate locks for your bike, can greatly reduce the risk of vulnerability.

What are the best student areas in Manchester?

When applying for student accommodation in Manchester, you want to be at the heart of the action! There are a number of popular student areas in Manchester, including the Oxford Road, Fallowfield and Rusholme.

Stretching from Rusholme to the city centre, the famous Oxford Road boasts some of the best student hangouts, with food, nightlife, outdoor areas, plus a number of architectural and cultural delights. Plus, it’s a stone’s throw away from the main University of Manchester campus and the Royal Northern College of Music. Nicknamed ‘the Corridor’, it’s in the centre of Manchester’s nightlife – with numerous bars and nightclubs to keep you busy all night. It’s also where you’ll find the Manchester Academy music venue to listen to the latest bands/musicians live, and close to the LGBTQ area on Canal Street. At Sanctuary Students we have two properties either side of this iconic road, meaning you can make the most of this exciting student area!

Fallowfield is another in-demand option when choosing student accommodation. It caters to student life with its pubs, clubs, kebab shops and wide range of cheap takeaway for easy meals and fun weekend nights out. Just north of Fallowfield is the next popular student area in Manchester, Rusholme. Here, you have supermarkets, restaurants, shops, cafés and parks to enjoy. You can also find plenty of cheap takeaways along the famous ‘curry mile’ (Wilmslow Road), which will satisfy your craving for Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

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How much is student accommodation in Manchester?

Our Manchester student rooms start at just £143.50pw, which is cheaper than other nearby providers. Most of our properties offer state-of-the-art shared kitchen and living areas, where you can meet up with friends and relax in your free time. They are also perfectly located to explore all that Manchester has to offer. Our student accommodation at Denmark Road even has a common room with games machines!

Is there car parking at your student properties?

Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer car parking facilities with our student rooms, but we may be able to accommodate your car for a couple of hours during check-in using our contractor and staff car park – subject to availability. With plenty of public transport options a quick walk away, you won’t miss having a car – but if you do want to bring your vehicle, the nearest public car park is on Grafton Street, a short three-minute walk from our student accommodation in Manchester.

Is Manchester a good place to study for international students?

Manchester is one of the best student cities to be an international student, as it’s the most linguistically diverse city in western Europe, with up to 200 languages spoken, plus it’s bursting with culture and history. What’s more, you’ll be in good company as, in addition to any UK students, Manchester is home to 19,000 students from 150 different countries.

Here at Sanctuary Students, we’re proud of our community of international students across the UK, and we’re here to make your transition to student living as smooth as possible. There’s a very good overseas intake at all UK universities, and we’ll allocate you a room with fellow international students to help you settle into your new home.

Is there student accommodation for postgraduate students?

Here at Sanctuary Students, we’re home to students of all ages at various stages of their studies. Our uni accommodation in Manchester is a perfect option for postgraduate students. We allocate our postgrads rooms near fellow postgrad students, so you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people in the same position as you. We understand that your priorities might have changed since your undergrad days, and we offer value for money and an easy setup (including all-inclusive bills and on-site cleaners), so you can focus on your studies. Plus, our high-speed Wi-Fi is ideal for helping you tackle that heavy workload!

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester began life as the Manchester Mechanics' Institute back in 1824, but didn’t become a university until the Manchester Institute of Science and Technology and the Victoria University of Manchester merged in 2004.

The University of Manchester is a large university with over 40,000 students. Around 26,000 of those are undergraduates while the remaining 14,000 are postgraduates. It’s the third largest university in the country with the largest single campus.

The university has four main faculties: the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Professional Services and Faculty of Finances.

The university is ranked #27 in the world and is regarded as a prestigious university. It is particularly known for its research and is part of the Russell Group.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University is a relatively new university. The original Manchester Mechanics Institute and the Manchester School of Design were founded back in 1824 but became a university in 1970.

There are around 33,500 students with around 27,000 undergraduates and 6,500 postgraduates. It’s a large university split across two campuses, All Saints Campus and Birley Campus. Both are just south of the city centre outside the A57.

There are five main faculties: arts & humanities, business & law, education, health, psychology & social care and science & engineering.

Manchester Metropolitan University is ranked 15th in the country for the quality of teaching. It is predominantly known for research into advanced materials, surface engineering, biosciences, applied computation, creative subjects, environmental subjects, education and economics.

University of Salford

The University of Salford is just 1 mile from Manchester city centre and close to Salford Shopping Centre. It’s a fantastic position surrounded by parks with easy access to the city.

The University of Salford began as The Royal Technical Institute founded in 1986 and became a university in 1967. It’s a large university with over 21,500 students, of which 17,000 or so are undergraduates and just over 4,000 are postgraduates.

The university is known for four distinct schools: the School of Arts and Media, the School of Science, Engineering and the Environment, the School of Health and Society and Salford Business School. Each has a solid reputation for delivering high-quality learning.

The United National Institute for Prosthetics and Orthotics Development is also located within the University of Salford.

University of Bolton

The University of Bolton was created from the Bolton Mechanics' Institute, which was founded in 1824. Since then, the university has grown in size and stature to become a leading UK university.

There are around 8,000 students, with the majority being undergraduates with around 1,500 postgraduates. The university is highly regarded for the quality of teaching and it’s usually within the top 50 in league tables.

The university is known for social policy, social work, architecture, engineering and civil engineering courses and enjoys a solid reputation for industry-related degrees.

While the intent is to work hard and qualify, there is a real emphasis on enjoying student life, leading a rich and interesting life here. It’s a fine balance but one the University of Bolton seems to get completely right.


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