Sanctuary Students provides great-value accommodation for Falmouth University students that delivers the quality, safety and convenience you’re looking for.

Accommodation is fully inclusive and fully equipped, providing everything you need during your time here. That means no bills, no moving furniture and no hassle.

Everything is taken care of for you, freeing you up to make the most of your time at Falmouth University.

Henry Scott Tuke House
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Henry Scott Tuke House
Henry Scott Tuke House, Quarry Hill, Falmouth, Cornwall, Falmouth, TR11 2EA
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Student life in Falmouth FAQs

Universities near Falmouth

Falmouth is a modest-sized town and has one university, Falmouth University. It has a campus in town and another at Penryn.

Falmouth University is known for the creative arts. As it began as an arts college, it’s no surprise that creativity remains its strength. Courses include fashion design, fine art, graphic design, illustration, performance sportswear design, sustainable product design and public relations.

Falmouth campus is in the town centre, close to our student flats, while Penryn campus is north of town by the A394.

Where is your Falmouth student accommodation located?

Henry Scott Tuke House is located on Quarry Hill, close to the town centre. It’s a short walk to Falmouth campus, shopping, dining and amenities. It’s also close to the shoreline, St. Mawes Ferry and Falmouth docks.

When should I book my accommodation at Falmouth University?

You should book your accommodation at Falmouth University as soon as you confirm your place. Falmouth has limited student housing, so you should book as early as possible to secure a place.

If you’re a second- or third-year student, we recommend booking a minimum of six months before term starts to avoid disappointment.

Can I stay with friends?

If you book early enough and there’s sufficient space, you certainly should be able to stay with friends. As we manage the property and not bookings for Falmouth University, we cannot guarantee you’ll be placed with your friends, though.

Typically, if you apply early enough and mention each other in your applications, it’s common for friends to be placed together.

What’s included in the rent in your student accommodation?

Everything is included in the rent in our student accommodation! Rents are fully inclusive and include heating, water, electricity, broadband, cleaning of communal areas, security and CCTV and contents insurance.

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, but no, you can’t bring pets. To be fair, you probably wouldn’t want the responsibility of looking after a pet while you’re at university anyway. There’s a lot to see and do: class, making friends, enjoying Cornwall and experiencing life.

You don’t want to do all that while having to look after a pet at the same time!

Is Falmouth a safe place for students?

Falmouth is a safe place for students. It has a low crime rate overall and no obvious social issues like other British towns and cities. While the town centre can get a little rowdy in peak season, there are no major crime-related issues you need to worry about.

Take sensible precautions, watch where you go at night and you’ll be fine!

What will I need to bring to my student accommodation in Falmouth?

All accommodation near Falmouth University is fully equipped with most things you’ll need. They are fully furnished and come with bed, desk, access to a kitchen and laundry.

You’ll just need to bring clothes, bedding, towels and personal items. No need to bring large items or furniture!

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