Student Cost of Living in Ormskirk

Ormskirk in West Lancashire is a lovely part of the world, close to Liverpool, Manchester and Preston. If you’re planning to study at Edge Hill University, here’s how much you can expect to pay for everyday expenses during your stay as a student.
Student Cost of Living in Ormskirk
Published on: 5 Feb 2024

Accommodation will typically take up most of your budget once your course is paid for. Whether you live in halls or in private accommodation, it all costs money.

Stay in halls at Edge Hill University and you can expect to pay from £130 per week for your accommodation. That includes bills and an en-suite room.

Private accommodation for your second and third years will usually cost more. Rents for private accommodation or HMOs won’t usually include bills and will typically be of a much lower standard.

Stay with Sanctuary Students and you’ll pay rent from just £110 per week. In return for that you’ll get clean, modern student accommodation including all bills.


Travel costs depend entirely on how you plan to get around. Most students at Edge Hill leave their cars at home and get around by bus, bike or walking.

The EdgeLink bus (EL1) can take you from class into town and is free as long as you show your Unicard.

Live in halls and you’re on campus for your first year. Live with Sanctuary Students and you’ll live on St Helens Road, a 10-minute walk from class and a short walk from the town centre.

If you need to travel further afield, Ormskirk train station has links to Liverpool, Preston and Manchester. The M58 and A59 can take you wherever you need to go by car or coach too.


You probably don’t need us to tell you how much the price of food has gone up over the past few years!

While inflation has slowed, your food and groceries will be a significant expense while studying in Ormskirk at Edge Hill University. We recommend budgeting between £50-75 per week for food based on the current prices.

That doesn’t include meals out or Deliveroo takeaways, though!

If you can learn to cook some basic dishes using staples like rice, pasta and vegetables, you can eat well without too much expense or effort.

Mobile phone and internet

Wi-Fi is included with all student accommodation from Sanctuary Students, so your phone is the only bill you’ll need to pay if you stay with us. If you have to pay for internet when in private accommodation, expect to pay upwards of £30 per month.

Phone contracts are priced nationally so the prices won’t change depending on where you live. What you pay at home, you’ll pay in Ormskirk too.

The good news is, shop savvy and you could bag plenty of mobile data and minutes for less than you might think. Go for a SIM-only deal and you could get 15GB of data for as little as £3 per month!

Shop around, compare prices, be prepared to keep your phone for an extra year and you could pay a fraction of the prices advertised on TV.

You only need to pay high contract fees if you insist on having the latest phone. With new phones only being marginally better than old ones, keeping your current handset for an extra year is a no-brainer.

Leisure and entertainment

Leisure and entertainment costs for students are much harder to quantify. We are all different and what qualifies as a big night out for some would be tame or extortionate for others.

How much you spend on leisure and entertainment will depend entirely on how you plan to live while in Ormskirk.

Edge Hill University recommends budgeting £59 per month for leisure, and that’s fair depending on what sports you like to do and what university clubs you’re a member of.

Entertainment costs will depend on whether you like to club, chill in coffee shops, hit the bars or enjoy your own entertainment at home.

The good news is there’s a little bit of everything in Ormskirk and most venues cater well to students. Budget sensibly, be mindful of what you spend on a night out, flash your Unicard and there’s no reason you can’t have a good time within budget!

Study costs

Study costs include books and equipment, stationery, memberships and everything not included with your course. It doesn’t include tuition fees as those vary depending on your course.

Study costs in Ormskirk depend entirely on what you bring with you, how much you do on your laptop and how many notes you take.

We think it would be wise to budget between £20-40 per month for all course-related items. Some courses will require more, but we consider this a sensible average.


Most Edge Hill halls have laundry amenities so all you’ll need to budget for is detergent and a laundry basket.

Once you leave student halls, laundry costs will depend on what’s available in your accommodation.

If you’re in private accommodation that has a washing machine, you’ll need detergent and to pay for the electricity.

If your student accommodation doesn’t have a washing machine, you’ll need to budget for a launderette. That can cost from £10 upwards for a service wash.

If you stay with Sanctuary Students, there are laundry amenities on site. You’ll just need to budget for detergent and around £3 per wash.

Household bills

Household bills are included in the rent when you stay in university halls and when you stay with Sanctuary Students.

If you move into private accommodation or an HMO in your second and third years, you’ll need to budget for bills on top as well.

Edge Hills recommends budgeting £64 per month for bills and we would say that’s about right. Keep an eye on gas and electricity costs though. Utility prices are often rising, so be wise about your energy usage and consider throwing on an extra jumper before turning up the heating!

Stay with Sanctuary Students in your second and third year and you won’t have to pay any household bills at all. Rent is fully inclusive and includes gas, electricity, water, heating, internet and Wi-Fi, security and contents insurance.

Gym membership

Gym membership could technically be regarded as leisure, but it’s important enough and expensive enough to warrant its own mention.

Private gyms can cost from £50 per month upwards depending on the membership level and the gym.

Fortunately, Edge Hill University has pretty good sports facilities and offers membership to students. It costs from £99 per year to access all amenities across campus.

If you want to keep fit while you study or blow off steam in the gym, this is probably the cheapest way to do it.