Where to live in Liverpool as a student

Living in halls is great for your first year. You get to meet your fellow students, make new friends, integrate into the university and get to explore new cultures, viewpoints and ways of living and working.
Where to live in Liverpool as a student
Published on: 22 Oct 2023
Liverpool city centre

Liverpool city centre is, without doubt, one of the best areas in Liverpool to live in. It’s in the centre of everything, close to class, close to shopping, close to parks and leisure opportunities and everything the city has to offer.

It’s busy and can get noisy at times but the pros far outweigh any cons. As long as you can find good quality, affordable student accommodation, you’ll have a great time while you live here.

Of all the places to live as a student, Liverpool city centre has to be the best. It’s close to everything, by Liverpool Waterfront and has all the bars, clubs and cafes you could ever need.

Baltic Triangle

Baltic Triangle, or ‘the Baltic’ is another of the best areas to live in Liverpool. It’s south of the town centre by Royal Albert Dock and has a little of everything. It’s close to Strand Street, M&S Bank Arena, Exhibition Centre Liverpool, Liverpool ONE and Chinatown.

It’s also a short distance from the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University, making it convenient too.

You may pay a little more to live in the Baltic and will have to look harder to find quality accommodation. But if you can find it, the Baltic is a great place to live.

The Knowledge Quarter

The Knowledge Quarter also tops the best places to live in Liverpool as a student. It means you’ll have to walk to the best shopping and nightlife but you’re close to everything you’ll need for your studies.

It’s where the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University are based. It’s also where you’ll find the Victoria Gallery & Museum, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Liverpool Lime Street station.

There is still plenty to see and do here so it isn’t all about study, but the Knowledge Quarter is definitely the place to live if you want to be close to class!

Smithdown Road and Wavertree

Smithdown Road and Wavertree are immensely popular and one of the best places to live in Liverpool as a student. It’s southeast of the town centre so you’ll need to bus or cycle everywhere, but there are thousands of students here.

Smithdown Road is full of shops, takeaways and amenities. The Brookhouse pub is a main student hangout but you’ll need to head into the city for clubs.

If you’re studying at Liverpool Hope University, Wavertree is the closest main student area. Otherwise, it’s a little far out of town despite its popularity with students.


Kensington is just east of The Knowledge Quarter and is a residential area offering a short walk to class and slightly cheaper rents than some other places. It’s one of the best places to live in Liverpool for convenience that’s for sure.

It isn’t as lively as the city centre or Baltic but is just a short distance from the action. You could easily walk into the city in 15 minutes or catch a bus. Liverpool Shopping Park on Edge Lane also offers options should you not want to go to the centre.

Rents are slightly cheaper here but you don’t get as many amenities. There are takeaways and supermarkets and a few pubs, but you’ll need to go into the city for everything else.


Everton doesn’t have the same cache as the city centre or the Baltic but it’s also a viable place to live if you can afford it. Located north of the city centre, it’s a bus ride from class.

This is a residential area that’s a little quieter than many here, with the usual supermarkets, shops, pubs and parks you would expect.

Buses into the city centre (27 or 53) are plentiful so it’s definitely somewhere you would live if you wanted a little more peace and quiet.


Toxteth is a short distance southeast of the city centre along Upper Parliament Street. It’s very popular with students and is a mix of workers, students and the general population. A real mix of cultures and lifestyles.

You’ll need to take a bus into the city to class but they are cheap and plentiful. As a result, you’ll often get a little more living space for a little less money.

Toxteth is close to Sefton Park and Prince's Park, two of the best parks in the city. You’ll also see plenty of pubs, cafes, takeaways and shops but you’ll end up taking the bus into the city most weekends.

The best place to live in Liverpool as a student

As you can see, you’re not short of options for a place to live in Liverpool as a student. The best place to live in Liverpool as a student depends entirely on what you’re looking for and how you want to spend your time while you’re here.

Choose the city centre, Baltic or The Knowledge Quarter if you want to be in the centre of the action. Low or no bus fares, a short walk home after class or a night out and all the amenities you want on your doorstep. Sanctuary Students has two buildings in Liverpool that offer high quality, low cost student accommodation.

One on Grenville Street and the other in Marybone that is close to the city centre and made up of thre separate student villages, Marybone 1, Marybone 2 and Marybone 3 . You’ll get your own ensuite room complete with all furniture, WiFi, broadband within the building, a common room with Sky TV, laundry, onsite maintenance and onsite cleaning for common areas.

Rents are fully inclusive too. The rent you sign up to is the rent you’ll pay. No mid-contract increases. Or choose Smithdown Road, Kensington, Everton, Toxteth if you prefer to live in a residential area. You’ll get a feel of the real Liverpool but you won’t have quite the same access to amenities.

The good news is that none of these options are a bad option. Liverpool is such a cool place to be, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy your time in the city wherever you might live!