What NOT to pack when you move to student accommodation

Before packing your bags to venture out into the world of university, it’s important to consider what you are and aren’t going to take with you to uni. We have compiled a handy guide of items that you should definitely be putting in the ‘no’ pile.
What NOT to pack when you move to student accommodation
Published on: 15 Oct 2023

What are you NOT going to pack?


Unfortunately we don’t allow pets of any kind, so you can’t bring your four-legged friend with you… Or friends with any number of legs for that matter (nope, not even a goldfish!). We will, however, endeavour to provide you with plenty of doggy cuddles throughout the year when we host wellbeing events featuring local rescue centres and the wonderful Guide Dogs team.


We can’t stress this enough, leave all candles at home, even the nice smelly candles. Reed diffusers do the same job of making your room smell amazing without the risk of fire, or the lesser risk of damaging carpets/upholstery with dripping wax. Don’t forget that any damage to your room is your responsibility and you will be billed at the end of your tenancy for any damage caused.  

Fairy Lights

As cosy and as hygge as fairy lights may look, unfortunately plug-in fairy lights aren’t allowed. You can however go wild with battery powered sets.

Over the door hangers

As the main door to your bedroom is a fire door, we can’t allow any hooks or hangers that attach over the door frame. At all. Sorry, your safety is really important to us.

Large items of furniture

Our rooms are designed with as much storage space as possible, so there’s no need to bring any furniture with you. Leave all shelves/dressers/bulky items of furniture at home.

Excessive amounts of kitchen gadgets/utensils

Although you may want to bring all your utensils with you, we do strongly recommend keeping things simple. If you think it’s an essential kitchen gadget, feel free to bring it along but don’t forget that you are sharing your kitchen space (unless you are renting a studio apartment), and you don’t want to be known as the person hogging the storage! We must also stress that deep fat fryers are not permitted under any circumstance.

Electric heaters

Due to the fire risk that some electric and/or fan heaters can pose we don’t allow permit the use of them in our halls. We keep your room toasty with heaters and if you ever have any problems with the temperature, speak to the on-site team.