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Vegetarian Restaurants in Liverpool

Choice is never something you’re short of as a student in Liverpool. Whether it’s food, music or dancing, there’s a bit of everything here. If you’re a student in Liverpool and want to try something different, this could be just what you’re looking for!
Vegetarian Restaurants in Liverpool
Published on: 23 Oct 2023
Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Liverpool

What follows is a list of eateries that are either completely vegetarian or have a decent enough vegetarian menu to make a visit worthwhile.

Mowgli - Bold street

Mowgli on Bold Street is a short walk from all our student accommodation on Grenville Streetl. It’s on Bold Street, one of the main food streets in the city. It’s an Indian restaurant that specialises in vegetarian food and is definitely worth a visit.

It serves a range of Brit favourites but also challenges our tastes a little with wraps, fries, dahls and a range of other dishes. It’s a nice place to spend time too, which just adds to the appeal.

Papillon – Hope Street

Papillon in the Georgian Quarter is close to the Baltic and a short walk from class. It’s a pub and lounge bar that also serves some pretty good food. It’s very pink but has a cool vibe that’s instantly relaxing.

The menu is a range of pub classics that includes a decent range of vegetarian options. It’s not purely plant-based but the selection is good enough and wide enough to warrant a visit.

YO! Liverpool One - City Centre

YO! should need little introduction. This well-known sushi restaurant is inside Liverpool ONE. It has the usual mix of plant-based and non-plant-based options using their usual menu.

It’s on our list of best vegetarian restaurants in Liverpool because of the convenience. It’s in the shopping mall, it serves a wide range of dishes so meat eaters and non-meat eaters can eat together, it’s fast and it’s affordable too.

Veggie Republic - Cook Street

Veggie Republic on Cook Street is another convenient vegetarian restaurant in Liverpool close to our Marybone 1, Marybone 2 and Marybone 3 student accommodation. It’s a vegan-friendly restaurant that serves a range of dishes from across the world.

There’s a little of everything here, Mediterranean, South American, Asian, Middle Eastern and more. It’s one of those places you’ll find a favourite, order it regularly but then have a side of something random just to try it.

Down the Hatch - Duke Street

If you want to eat the same food as everyone else but plant-based, you’re going to like Down the Hatch. It’s a basement restaurant on Duke Street that creates the same burgers, fries, hot dogs and other goodies, just in plant form.

It’s a firm favourite of vegetarian students in Liverpool and you’ll soon see why. Even those who eat meat enjoy the food here, which should tell you all you need to know.

Fat Hippo - Bold Street

Fat Hippo on Bold Street is a burger joint with a difference. You won’t see any meat here. All burgers are plant-based and delicious. They are so good that if you don’t tell someone they aren’t eating meat, many won’t even notice.

Fat Hippo also has vegan buns, hand cut chips, vegan starters and sides and a wide range of supporting foods. It’s another great example of plant-based done well and is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Liverpool for a quick bite.

The Egg Cafe - Newington

The Egg Café is on Newington, just off Bold Street, and is a Liverpool institution. This café has been around forever and was serving vegetarian food long before plant-based became a thing. All those years have given the owners the ability to deliver great plant-based food within a café and gallery space.

It’s rustic and a little bohemian but all that works in its favour. The Egg Café is somewhere you’ll pop in for a quick bite and end up staying longer than you planned. It’s just one of those places.

Woo Tan Scran - Lark Lane

Lark Lane is a short distance out of town but if you live over that side, Woo Tan Scran is a must-try. It isn’t a restaurant but a delivery service available through Deliveroo. It’s a fusion of chip shop and Asian takeaway serving a range of vegan dishes that everyone has to try.

There aren’t many plant-based eateries that can manage to fry well but Woo Tan Scran is one of them. Combined with Asian flavours and traditional chips, it’s definitely something you need to try.

Sanskruti - Bixteth Street

Sanskruti on Bixteth Street is close to some of our town centre student accommodation and is a firm favourite of plant-based food fans. It’s an Indian restaurant but with a difference.

You’ll get your usual favourites like tandoori and tikka but you’ll also get a range of other dishes you probably won’t have heard of. It’s a great option to experiment a little while also enjoying family favourites.

Organico - Bold Street

Organico on Bold Street is down the road from Fat Hippo and provides the perfect palate cleanser. It’s a juice bar rather than a vegetarian restaurant and offers a huge range of fresh pressed juices.

As you would expect, they are all vegetarian, made fresh to order and deliver all the goodness you expect as well as a punchy flavour hit. While technically not a restaurant, the juices are so good we think you’ll forgive us.

Lunyalita – Royal Albert Dock

Lunyalita at the Royal Albert Dock is a Spanish vegan restaurant that does things a little differently. If you’re in the mood for tapas or light bites and are close to the dock, this is the place to try.

It serves a range of paella, tapas and typical Spanish options that take all the flavour and energy of Spanish food and brings them to Liverpool. If you're in the mood for something just a little different, this is another great vegetarian restaurant to try.

The Art School – Sugnall Street

The Art School restaurant is something completely different. It’s fine dining vegetarian style. It isn’t something you’ll want to indulge in often but could be perfect for special occasions.

It’s not a dedicated vegetarian restaurant but it has impressive veggie and vegan menus that are a step above the norm. If you think food is art as well as food, this is the place for you.

Vegetarian Restaurants in Liverpool

As you can see, there’s plenty of places to eat in Liverpool whatever your tastes or dietary requirements.

The city is blazing a trail with plant-based food and there are now more vegetarian menus, options and dedicated eateries than ever before.

If you’re in the mood for something wholesome with plenty of flavour, none of these vegetarian restaurants in Liverpool will disappoint!