The ultimate student packing list

Taking too much stuff to uni is one of the classic fresher errors – trust us, we’ve all done it! To help prevent you spending the weeks leading up to the Big Move filling more and more boxes, we’ve created this handy guide.
The ultimate student packing list
Published on: 17 Oct 2023

You’ll need most of these in your first few weeks, so make sure you keep them safe (we’d also recommend making copies!). When it comes to moving into your Sanctuary Students accommodation, make sure you have all of your check-in information close-at-hand, so we can hand over your keys and arrival pack as quickly as possible.


  • - Passport/driving license or some form of ID

  • - University and course acceptance letters

  • - Scholarship or bursary letters, if applicable

  • - Accommodation documents

  • - Student Finance documents

  • - Passport photos

  • - Bank details and cards

  • - Student discount cards (e.g. 16-25 railcard)

  • - NHS number, prescription copies and Covid vaccination card.

Leave behind:

  • - Remember that contents insurance is included with your Sanctuary Students accommodation!


Whether you envisage your student life as one spent furiously typing up essays or chilling out in your room watching Netflix (or somewhere between the two), one thing is certain – you’ll need your trusty electrical's !


  • - Mobile phone and charger

  • - Laptop/computer, charger and carry case

  • - Smart watch

  • - Printer and ink

  • - Extension leads

  • - Headphones

  • - USB TV stick – e.g. Amazon Fire or Now TV

  • - Portable speakers

  • - Games console and controllers

  • - Hairdryer and styling tools.

Leave behind:

  • - Ethernet cable – speedy Wi-Fi is included with your room!

Bedroom items

Your fully furnished Sanctuary Students room will come well-equipped with a bed, desk and chair, wardrobe and shelves as standard – check your accommodation info for specific room information. Here’s what else you’ll need!


  • - Duvet with cover (all seasons)

  • - Pillows with cases

  • - Bed sheets

  • - Mattress protector

  • - Hangers

  • - Laundry basket

  • - Clothes airer

  • - Desk-standing mirror.

Kitchen essentials

This is the danger zone for over-packing, as if everyone packs the full roster of kitchen utensils, you might find yourself with six colanders in your flat! Of course, you’ll want to bring your own plates and cutlery, and potentially even your own oven gloves and tea towels if you feel more comfortable doing so due to the pandemic, but most other equipment can be shared. Pack the essentials and then co-ordinate with your new flatmates to see what else you need!


  • - Student recipe book – we’d also recommend getting some staple meals under your belt before uni!

  • - Small cutlery set

  • - Plate and bowl

  • - Cups

  • - Sharp knife (general purpose)

  • - Scissors

  • - Tupperware

  • - Oven gloves

  • - Tea towel

Bathroom essentials

Some of these may depend on whether you have an en-suite room or are using a shared bathroom – flip flops are a great shout for shared facilities, for example!


  • - Toothbrush and paste

  • - Soap

  • - Shampoo, shower gel and conditioner

  • - Towels

  • - Razors and shaving cream

  • - Make up and remover

  • - Hairbrush/comb

  • - Nail scissors

  • - Flip flops

  • - Toilet roll (en-suite)

  • - Sanitary products

  • - Contraceptives

  • - Paracetamol, hay fever tablets

  • - Personal supplies (e.g. prescription medication, contact lens solution)

  • - Plasters and small first-aid kit

  • - Bathroom cleaning supplies (en-suite).

Miscellaneous items

Don’t forget to pack your favourite things to give your room a personal touch – and look out for our upcoming blog on making your uni room your own!


  • - Home comforts

  • - Stationery

  • - Clothing and shoes – all seasons

  • - Fancy dress

  • - Pyjamas

  • - Dressing gown (also handy for shared bathrooms!)

  • - Sports kit and equipment

  • - Musical instrument

  • - Covid-related items – mask, hand sanitiser, vaccination history

  • - Reusable water bottle

  • - Bicycle

  • - A pack of cards

  • - Small sewing kit

  • - Basic cleaning supplies.

Leave behind:

  • - Excess clothing – Don’t bring your entire wardrobe! Pack for autumn/winter weather in your first term, but don’t go OTT.

  • - Candles or fairy lights – These aren’t permitted in our student accommodation as they’re a fire hazard

  • - Car – Our accommodation is well connected, and you’ll find most things you need without walking/cycling distance, or easily accessible via public transport.

Top tips for international students

Make sure you bring your passport, key documents, electricals and any home comforts with you – however, we recommend buying a lot of the other things once you arrive in the UK. For example, you easily find kitchenware, toiletries, stationery and bedding, and it will save you having to pay for extra luggage!

We can’t wait to meet you!

We can’t wait to welcome you to our halls for the 2021/22 academic year, and we’re doing everything we can to make your move from home to university as smooth as possible!

If you have any questions or concerns about move-in day, please email your hall. A list of contact details can be found at