Student health: staying happy and healthy at uni

Life at uni is an amazing experience but we can all feel a little stressed or low at times. Check out our top tips for practical ways to help you and your fellow students stay happy and healthy at uni.
Student health: staying happy and healthy at uni
Published on: 15 Oct 2023

How will you stay healthy?

Bored of baked beans and noodles?

Food has a huge impact on your mental and physical health, so try and experiment with different recipes and make it fun – why not try holding a ‘Come Dine with Me’ or a ‘cook-off” event with your flatmates? When you’re on a budget, it can be tempting to stick to processed foods but fresh and fruit vegetables are much better for your health. Take a look at BBC Food for some interesting meal ideas.

Feeling sluggish after too much partying?

Regular exercise can boost your self-esteem and help you to concentrate, sleep, and even look and feel better. Check out your university’s sports clubs; they are likely to offer a range of activities for you to consider. You can also find ways to slot exercise into your day, such as walking to uni instead of getting the bus – it can save you money too.

Feeling a bit low?

Talking about how you feel can help. Living with us will give you access to our Student advice line in line with Health Assured. You’ll be able to receive free support regarding any issues you may be facing. Sharing your problems with friends can also help to put things in perspective and you may find you all have similar feelings.

Stressed out with studying already?

Avoid that last minute panic with essay deadlines and exam stress and make a plan. Check out the syllabus, go to the uni library and take out the books you’ll need, and put a timetable together – you’ll feel more in control.

Have you checked out your city yet?

A change of scenery is great for lifting your mood. Try studying in a different place, such as the local library or exploring your new city at the weekend. Check out comedy festivals, vintage markets and local gigs. We’ve also got some ideas for you in our city guides.