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Student DIY Halloween costume ideas

Going out this Halloween and not sorted a costume out yet? Don’t worry! Whether it’s a student house party or a Halloween night on the town, we’ve put together some ideas for you to create your own costume on a student budget.
Student DIY Halloween costume ideas
Published on: 15 Oct 2023

What are you going to be?

A mummy

Find a white t-shirt, some white bottoms and grab a toilet roll. Wrap it all around you, adding creases, incisions and fake blood stains with ketchup, red lipstick or red dye. Just remember to stretch your arms out while making groaning noises when walking everywhere! If a Mummy doesn’t quite take your fancy, a zombie is just as easy. All you’ll need is an old white shirt smeared with ketchup, a bit of makeup on your face and your hair gelled down.

Your favourite Hollywood slasher

Fan of the Scream or Halloween series’? Search Google for a printable mask; don yourself in a plain black hoodie with black leggings or jogging bottoms and black shoes. Cut out the printed mask, tape it around your head, pull your hoodie up and voila! Next up is practicing your deepest, scariest voice.

A ghost

For the lazier students among you, there isn’t an easier way to get a spooky look! Grab an old white bed sheet, cut out some eye holes, drape it over you and that’s it. Carry a pumpkin lantern with you for extra effect.

Add some gore to your onesie

There’s something about onesies that make them a little unsettling when worn out in public, don’t you think? What better time than Halloween to wear yours out? Got an old one you don’t mind messing up? Add some rips and fake blood stains, put some basic pale makeup and fake blood on your face and you’re good to go!

If you need accessories to give your costume a super spooky edge, pop to your local budget shop and there’ll be plenty to choose from. So come on, it’s time to get creative in your student flat! Feel free to share photos of your creations with us on our social media accounts.