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Kensington Student Area Guide

Kensington in Liverpool is one of the most popular places in the city. Every street has student houses, with a diverse range of properties and qualities. Read some articles and you’d think it was the only place for students to live in the city.
Kensington Student Area Guide
Published on: 22 Oct 2023
Kensington Liverpool

Kensington is just east of the city centre. It is bordered by Edge Hill to the south, Everton to the north and the city centre.

It’s a convenient position as it’s not far from Liverpool John Moores University, University of Liverpool, Liverpool Hope University and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. It’s not the most convenient place to live if you’re studying at any of those, but it is convenient, as it’s a short walk, cycle or bus ride from class and from what’s going on in the city.

For example, Hope University is around 20 minutes on a bike or 30 minutes on the bus. The University of Liverpool is a 15-minute walk or a 20-minute bus ride. So convenient, but not perfect.

It’s mainly students from University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University students that live in Kensington. Proximity to class and The Knowledge Quarter means it’s easy to get to class and further afield.

The Knowledge Quarter has seen huge investment both nationally and locally and is home to Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Philharmonic Hall, the World Museum as well as the Accelerator, Liverpool Science Park, Sensor City, The Spine and the Materials Innovation Factory.

Living in Kensington

Kensington has a relaxed feel, thanks to a bustling commercial scene with lots of shops and restaurants, and thousands of students passing through at any one time. There’s a lot going on here in Kensington. The convenience caused it to become a student area, but the number of students encourages the area to keep growing.

There are supermarkets like Tesco, Iceland and Lidl for life’s essentials and a whole street of restaurants and takeaways on Prescott Road.

Kensington Fields is where most students live. It was one of the largest housing estates in the country when built back in Victorian times and is still exceptionally popular now.

The properties are mainly red-brick Victorian houses. Some still have character while others have been converted or refurbished and will have little left. Rents are mostly reasonable, kept so by the sheer volume of students in the area. 

Although, with the cost of living going up, we have seen an increase in landlords passing on rising energy costs to renters in the form of rent hikes. That being said, you may want to consider renting a property through Sanctuary Students who offer accommodation in Liverpool with bills and utilities included at a fixed price. The difference in price when factoring in the latest rent hikes is often minimal.

Other amenities in Kensington include Liverpool Shopping Park on Edge Lane, Onya Bike on Holt Road, The Croissant of Inequality, Kensington Bread Company, Akshaya, Vinebrook, the Liver Vaults, Newsham Park, You’ll also find a series of streets named after the Beatles in Kensington. John Lennon Drive, Paul McCartney Way, George Harrison Close, Ringo Starr Drive, Epstein Court, Apple Court and Cavern Court are all northwest of Kensington and were renamed in honour of Liverpool’s biggest export.

Getting around Kensington

As it’s close to the city centre, Kensington has a few transport options all within a reasonable distance.

Rail links can be via Edge Hill or Liverpool Lime Street, both of which are a short distance away.

Buses run throughout Kensington, with numbers 10A, 61 and 79 currently serving the area, but these may change.

Is Kensington the best place for students to live?

There’s no doubt that Kensington is an excellent place to live as a student. It’s close to the city centre, convenient to services and not far from class. However, we don’t think it’s the best place to live.

Sure, you’re living with thousands of other students in an area that caters to students. But we would much rather live in the city centre.

It’s in the heart of the city, close to the action and will require spending a lot less on bus fares to get anywhere or a lot less time walking!

After a night out or a particularly hard day in class, you could be home in minutes if you lived in the city centre. If you live in Kenny, you’ll still be waiting for a bus or navigating traffic on your bike!

The city centre is where the public transport is and where you’ll find Liverpool ONE and most of the cultural highlights of the city including the library, museums, galleries and everything that’s going on. It’s also closer to Liverpool John Moores University, University of Liverpool, Liverpool Hope University and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, which is an added benefit!

We think the city centre is the place to be. Plus, if you book your student accommodation through Sanctuary Students you have the added security of fixed price all-inclusive bills, as well as being in a more central location and close to the best shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs.

Is Kensington an amazing place to live as a student? Absolutely! Is it the best place to live as a student? We would argue not.