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Best Halal Restaurants in Liverpool

One benefit of being a cultural city is the ability to try new food, new cultures, new sights, smells and experiences. It’s one of the many things that makes being a student in Liverpool so interesting.
Best Halal Restaurants in Liverpool
Published on: 23 Oct 2023
Halal Food Places in Liverpool

While we say ‘restaurants’ we know full well there are other options, market stalls, food trucks or takeaways.

If you want to try halal food, here’s where to go:

Bakchich - Bold Street

Bold Street is full of places to eat and Bakchich is one of the best, especially for halal food. It serves Lebanese and Moroccan-style food as small taster platters or full dishes depending on what you want.

The quality is excellent, the service is great and the prices are well within a student's budget. You get a lot for your money here and it’s the perfect opportunity to try new dishes.

It’s close to the city centre too, so you’re not far away from class, your student accommodation on Grenville Street or everything that’s going on.

Fattoush - Hatton Garden

Fattoush is literally 2 minutes from Sanctuary Students’ Marybone 1, Marybone 2 and Marybone 3 student accommodation. It couldn’t be more convenient. Fortunately, it’s also a great place to eat.

It serves a mixture of Lebanese, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes and is regarded as very authentic. Dishes are also freshly prepared and delicious too, which is far more important to us!

Sultan's Palace - City Centre

Sultan's Palace serves mainly Indian food at such a high standard you’ll definitely want to try it. The quality is great and there is a large number of halal dishes, as well as vegan and vegetarian so everyone can join in.

Prices are reasonable considering the quality and most students should be able to afford to visit occasionally.

Shiraz BBQ - North John Street

Shiraz BBQ is in the heart of the city, close to the Cavern Club and our city centre student accommodation. That makes it the perfect place to try your first halal meal.

The restaurant is small and serves lovely fresh food covering many Arabian, north African and Mediterranean dishes. Prices are decent, service is fast and it’s a great place to experiment a little with halal cuisine.

Kimos - Mount Pleasant

Kimos is just south of Lime Street station and the LJMU Student Life Building in Mount Pleasant. It’s worth the walk though as it has been serving lovely Mediterranean food for over 20 years. You don’t survive that long without being very good at what you do!

The menu is a range of Egyptian, Moroccan, Arabian and other dishes, most halal, some vegetarian and vegan. The menus make it clear which is which so you’ll have no trouble ordering what you want.

Toros Halal Steakhouse - Bold Street

Toros Halal Steakhouse on Bold Street is another of the best halal restaurants in Liverpool. Partly because of the quality but also because it’s completely inclusive. It caters to everyone and, despite the name, there are vegetarian options too.

This isn’t somewhere you’ll be able to afford to go that often, but that makes it more of an occasion when you do. The food is delicious and there’s inventive menus where you can try all kinds of new things.

K.O Grill - Bold Street

Despite the name, K.O Grill serves Indian and Pakistani food from across the region covering much more than tikka. There’s a wide range of dishes on offer, most halal and many vegetarian options.

The sights, the smells and the tastes all deliver the experience you’re looking for. Just be careful what you ask for as the chefs aren’t afraid to use their spices!

Dostana - High Street

Dostana serves Mumbai street food a short distance south of the city in Woolton Village. It’s worth the trip though as there’s plenty of seating and a cool courtyard for when the weather is nice.

The food is great, ranging from mildly spiced and aromatic to mouth-burning hot but still delicious. It’s affordable too, despite the quality they serve.

Rosas Thai Cafe - City Centre

Rosa’s Thai Café in Royal Albert Dock began as a food truck and has grown into a chain of restaurants spread across the country. It’s known for giving us amazing Thai food, much of which is halal.

It serves a full range of curries, rice, noodles, vegetarian and mixed dishes that deliver the flavour punch we look for. Prices are competitive rather than cheap but you really do get what you pay for here.

Mamos – Bold Street

Mamos is another halal restaurant in Liverpool to call Bold Street home. It’s a takeaway that does an impressive range of fast food from burgers and pizzas to wraps and peri-peri chicken.

The quality is excellent and it’s very affordable too. Every taste is covered from the rich to the spicy and pretty much everything in between. It’s also in the city centre close to Sanctuary Students’ accommodation.

Halal Food in Liverpool

Halal food in Liverpool represents the best of Middle Eastern, north African, Arabian and Mediterranean cuisine. It’s rich, aromatic and flavourful, all things we look for in our food.

It’s also affordable. Essential when you’re trying to live on a student budget!

If you try any new experiences while at university in Liverpool, it should be halal. It’s about so much more than that single word. It encapsulates an entire region of the world that’s rich in culture, flavours and smells and we love it. We hope you do too!