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Cheapest Student Accommodation in Liverpool

With the cost of living rising constantly, saving money is essential. That’s what this post is all about. We have been students. We know what it’s like. We know how quickly students must learn to count the pennies.
Cheapest Student Accommodation in Liverpool
Published on: 23 Oct 2023
Cost of living in Liverpool for students

The cost of living in Liverpool is lower than in most other cities in England. You’ll have some of the cheapest student accommodation, best nights out, friendliest pubs and tastiest food.

You’ll also have national landmarks, amazing museums and galleries, lovely outdoor spaces and more to see and do than you could ever imagine. The LSE estimates the average second or third year will spend approximately £500 per month on accommodation alone. That’s not including bills.

In Liverpool, if you stay with Sanctuary Students, you’ll pay much less than that! For example, it costs just £85 per week to stay at our Marybone Student Village 1. That includes all bills!

Multiply that and it averages just £368.33 per month. Bills included! Rent includes heating, electricity, hot water, internet, security, building maintenance, cleaning of social spaces and even includes contents insurance!

Cheapest student accommodation options in Liverpool

Sanctuary Students manages the cheapest student accommodation in Liverpool.

We have four locations close to the centre of the city:

Marybone Student Village 1

Marybone Student Village 1 is in the centre of the city, a short walk from Liverpool John Moores University, City Campus and the University of Liverpool. It’s a central position within walking distance of most things you’ll need. Accommodation costs from £85 per week for a standard room with shared facilities.

The building includes 24/7 security, onsite gym, social spaces, laundry facilities, shared kitchen and lounge, common room with pool table and a cinema room.

Marybone Student Village 2

Marybone Student Village 2 is a few doors down from Village 1 so is also close to LJMU and the University of Liverpool. It’s also close to Liverpool ONE, the Cavern Club and other city landmarks.

Accommodation costs from £118 for standard double ensuite rooms with large double ensuite rooms also available.

The building offers a shared kitchen and lounge, common room with pool table, cinema room and gym.

Marybone Student Village 3

Marybone Student Village 3 is the third building in the complex. It shares the same convenient position close to shops, bars, cafes, shopping, dining and entertainment.

Accommodation also costs from £118 for double ensuite rooms with optional large double ensuite rooms.

The building shares the onsite gym and cinema room, has 24/7 security, common room with pool table, broadband and your own space.

Grenville Street

Sanctuary Students’ Grenville Street student accommodation is in the Baltic Triangle, close to Chinatown, Liverpool Cathedral and all local shopping and dining. It’s close to class too. Accommodation is a mix of studios, large studios, double ensuites and large double ensuites costing from £124 per week.

The building has a common room, laundry, CCTV and WiFi. All Sanctuary Students accommodation is fully inclusive. The rent you see is the rent you pay, including all bills.

And don’t forget the rent includes gas, electricity, water, heating, internet, WiFi, cleaning of communal areas, security and building maintenance. You even get contents insurance as part of the package!

Tips for saving money as a student in Liverpool

Living in the cheapest student accommodation in Liverpool is great, but it will only take you so far.

You’ll still need to live within your means, which is where this next section should come in useful.

Here are some actionable tips for saving money as a student in Liverpool:

Create a daily, weekly, monthly budget

Yes, budgeting is boring but it can also be illuminating. Knowing what you have to spend over the year and dividing it into monthly and weekly amounts is key.

Once you know what you have to spend, you can plan to live within your means. Budgeting is a fundamental skill of every student and is something you’ll use throughout your life.

Be shameless about using student discounts

If a venue or retailer offers a student discount, don’t be shy about using it. Always keep your student ID with you so you can score a discount whenever there’s one available. For information check out our blog on Student discounts.

Use student travel cards

Most rail services and bus companies offer some kind of student travel card. If you plan to use public transport to get around, and you should, these can help you save big.

Have a ‘no spend’ day

Have a ‘no spend’ day every week where you eat at home, stay in after class and don’t spend money. Find other like-minded students to entertain each other without spending.

Shop late

Shopping late in the day should give you opportunities to bag those yellow ticket bargains. Those products close to their use by or sell by date. They usually appear late in the day so a supermarket can minimise waste. That’s good news for you.

Cook at home

Food apps, deliveries and eating out are low effort but they are also high cost. Save it for special occasions and cook your own food during the week. Cooking isn’t difficult, pasta and sauce, curry, chicken and chips, all are cheap to buy and simple to prepare.

Use the bus

Uber is easy but soon adds up. Get one of those student travel cards we mentioned earlier and get around by bus. Liverpool has plenty of them and they are mostly clean and usually run on time.

Buy secondhand books

There’s a big market for secondhand course books but a wider market for other books. Check out charity shops, car boot sales, the library and the university noticeboard. Some universities have specific events where students sell off the books they no longer need.

Haggle on every bill

If you stay with Sanctuary Students, you won’t have to haggle with bills as they are included in your rent. For everything else, like your phone, haggle. Use comparison websites, check the latest deals and be prepared to drive a bargain.

Use cashback websites

Some cashback websites are better than others but they are another way for a student to save money. Try TopCashback, Quidco and Swagbucks and sign up for as many as you’re comfortable with.

Use the Amazon Warehouse

If you must buy stuff, check out the Amazon Warehouse before going elsewhere. You can find a little bit of everything here, at discount prices. Sometimes it’s end of line, sometimes it’s returns. It’s always a bargain.

Only use cash

Our final tip is an oldie but goodie. Only take cash with you on a night out. It means you won’t risk losing your card and can only spend what you have with you. You’ll already know how easy it is to overspend, using cash can help with that.

Living well as a student in Liverpool

Staying in the cheapest student accommodation in Liverpool is only part of it. You’ll also need to be frugal and watch the pennies.

The great news is that Liverpool is cheaper than most cities and friendlier than all of them.

All while having great universities, plenty of entertainment options and enough culture, art, music and activities to keep you amused outside of class.

No wonder it’s such a popular place to study!


Prices accurate as of June 2023