Cheap Student Accommodation in Bradford

Looking for cheap student accommodation in Bradford? Before we get to our student accommodation, let’s talk about the city of Bradford, the cost of living, and how to save money as a student here.
Cheap Student Accommodation in Bradford
Published on: 23 Oct 2023
Overview of Bradford

Bradford is a large city located a short distance west of Leeds and northeast of Manchester.

It’s a reasonably large city that expanded during the industrial revolution, remnants of which you’ll see all over the city. That history gave Bradford some amazing buildings and a unique character.

There’s a thriving city centre, good nightlife scene, lots of art, and culture. All the amenities a student could need.

The University of Bradford is in the city centre, a 10 minute walk from the Bradford Puddle.

The city has great transport links and is close to other major cities, making it a popular place to study.

Cost of living in Bradford for students

The cost of living in Bradford for students is reasonable. As we’re up north, costs are much lower than for southern cities.

Sanctuary Students accommodation in Bradford is budget friendly and delivers the quality you deserve.

Rents are low around the city but the quality of private accommodation can fluctuate quite a lot. There are some great rentals and many not-so-great ones so you’ll have to be selective about where to live.

You’ll spend less on a night out here than in many other cities and there are plenty of parks, museums, and free things to see and do.

Transport, food, and general expenses are similar here to other cities but there are always deals to be had.

How does cheap student accommodation in Bradford compare to other cities?

Student accommodation in Bradford compares well to other cities. Property prices are still sensible. Rents can be too, as long as you’re selective.

As a comparison, The London School of Economics recommends students in their second and third years factor in rental costs of around £500 per month. That doesn’t include bills.

In comparison, the Sanctuary Students building on Little Horton Lane costs as little as £80.50 per week.(Price accurate as of June 2023.)

Cheapest student accommodation options in Bradford

We firmly believe we offer the cheapest student accommodation in Bradford. Wardley House on Little Horton Lane has a mixture of double en-suite rooms and studios for students. Double en-suites cost £80.50 per week,  while the studios cost a little more. 

That rent includes all bills. There’s nothing more to pay.

Rent includes electricity, gas, water, heating, internet, cleaning of the common areas, security and building maintenance. It even comes with contents insurance! All student accommodation has spacious private rooms with en-suite bathrooms. You get a double bed, study area, window, and all the comforts of home. There’s Wi-Fi throughout too.

The building also has a reception area, laundry, common room with TV, BT Sport, and a well-equipped kitchen. All are well-maintained and cleaned by an external company. For the quality on offer, Sanctuary Students delivers the best cheapest student accommodation in Bradford bar none.

Staying with Sanctuary Students is about much more than just a room too!

Tips for saving money as a student in Bradford

Stay with Sanctuary Students and you have already saved a significant amount of money on good-quality accommodation. Let’s now share some actionable ideas to help you save a little money in other areas too.

Create a budget

The best piece of advice we can give every student is to budget. You’re going to be living on a limited income and will have a range of expenses. If you don’t control how much you spend, you’re not going to make it through.

Create a simple weekly and monthly budget using Google Sheets. Add how much income or allowance you’ll get each term or year and divide it by the number of months you’ll be here. That’s how much you’ll have to spend.

Get a student bank account

Student bank accounts make paying for things easier now cash is no longer king. They usually have no fees and include a range of incentives to encourage loyalty.

Many banks offer discounts, free overdrafts, cheap entry to venues and other goodies too.

Learn to cook

In your first few months of being a student, you’ll be eating out and having food delivered most of the time.

That’s great for freshers week and a little beyond, but it isn’t the best long-term strategy as it’s just too expensive.

Learn to cook basic dishes like rice, pasta, baked potatoes and other simple but nutritious foods. You’ll spend less and eat better as a result.

Use student travelcards

Many road and rail companies offer student travelcards or discounts on tickets. Use them if you plan on taking public transportation.

Our accommodation is close to the University of Bradford but if you plan on using the bus to get around, get a student travelcard. The same for if you plan on using the train.

Travelcards can save you a lot of money over the long term if you’re going to be using the services enough to justify the expense.

Have no spend days

No spend days, those days when you spend nothing, can be more fun than they sound. They can require planning and creativity but the challenge can be interesting.

Do it alone, or do it as a group. Either way, having one or more days a week where you’re not allowed to spend money helps stretch your budget and encourages frugality.

That doesn’t mean you have to be boring and stay in though. There are plenty of free things to do in and around Bradford.

Use cashback websites

If you must spend money, why not earn a little back as you do it? Cashback websites like TopCashback, Quidco and Swagbucks can give you a little money back on things you would buy anyway.

There are plenty of websites like this. Do a little research and sign up for any you’re comfortable using.

Leave your cards at home

Our final tip for saving money as a student is to leave your cards at home when on a night out. You’ll need your ID and perhaps your student card, but leave any debit or credit cards at home.

Take some cash and nothing else. This limits how much you can spend and avoids overspending.

Life as a student in Bradford

Bradford is a great city to study in. Stay with Sanctuary Students and you’ll have already bagged the cheapest student accommodation in Bradford, so you’re off to a great start.

Living here is cheaper than many other places and, if you follow our money saving tips, you should be able to survive student life while enjoying your time here.

Contact Sanctuary Students to book the highest quality, cheapest student accommodation in Bradford! Accommodation prices accurate as of June 2023.